Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Protect yourself and your privacy

Native American sites are all too common on the internet. When one is doing research on their heritage or on someone of an important historical figure, they may run across sites such as those who are mentioned in this blog. These free forum groups that portray themselves as wanting to help the Native people by exposing frauds , cons , etc. are actually frauds themselves.

This is becoming a trend on the net and it is designed to debunk anyone who enters their circles of hate. If you even question anyone in their circles, they will post your social security, names, addresses, and even post your IP address for everyone to see.
They think they are doing a good cause by doing this , however , these sites are stretching the very limits of the laws and have had a history of having their illegal works and displays taken down because of their wrongful intents.

In this blog , we are taking the initiative to prevent others from having to go through the same things that many others before them have had to endure.
Protect your privacy before THEY expose it to all of their fake private investigators and their fake contacts .The very contacts that have Fake Tribal ID cards mailed to their homes and NOT handing it over to the proper authorities. They are not trying to prevent these acts from happening , they are doing these acts themselves!

These people have a history of having a self proclaimed image. They are self important , always looking for someone to sharpshoot what they say.

They haven't proven anywhere that they deeds are doing any good.
They claim to have in tens of thousands of members withing their organizations, be affiliated with other accredited organizations such as AIM and NARF and other profound legitimate and respected orgs .

Yet, read their blogs yourself, they bash leaders and members of these organizations and call them fake and whatever "Twinkies" mean. That is their favorite word.
Spare yourself the embarrassment and fear, and protect your privacy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More coming soon

Sit tight because I have more to expose.

Todd Fickle aka Beaderman

Look closely at this picture below. Notice that he is tanned only on the upper part of his arms and all else is white. Now come on! If you want to play Indian at least put the tanning lotion all over your body! This was way too funny for me to see and I at least want to show the funny side of these quacks.

Todd Lee FickleSmithville Ohio

Some, Beaderman, Frybread, Frybreadbuns, TheRebel

I at first accepted this man as a friend I in time found out he was not who I thought he was. He at first gave very creditable information but that soon stopped. I then received a list of people he claims others sent him to expose. I found out this group calls themselves Native American Unity Movement also known as NAU.

What stopped me from trusting him was his desire to own a fake tribal card coming from TwinEagle2Crow. Now my opinion was to report it to the right authorities as to stop them before they could get the card. Beaderman got mad at me and threw a fit! That is when my radar went up. I still called the Muncee Tribal Government and their Police and reported the possible scam about to take place. I gave names and States these people were coming from too.

Needless to say I found Beaderman again and discovered he is New Age and Plastic Shamans site resource and NAU. I also discovered that these groups even though they are out to stop the fakes are really out to destroy all Indian people. I am their latest victim. (No I am not really their victim because I refuse to be a victim) I found loads of information and I went so far as to call one of the interviewed in Canada. His name is Jaye Levall. Boy did I learn a lot from him too. He is a Lakota man whom NAFPS bashed and harassed and tried to destroy. Please everyone, stay away from those 2 sites because they are very hateful people and are cruel.

Right now they claim all kinds of things such as, they can access Tribal Enrollments. Now there is no way on this green Earth that anyone in these titles would ever give personal information about anyone to anyone who calls. The most they can do is tell you if they are enrolled but you will need their real name that was used in the enrollment.

They try all kinds of scare tactics and none of it is validated proof except their own hate. Wahoo. I say, “Bring it on!” Besides they might give me a more better and exciting life. Not that it is true but hey, it can be entertaining…maybe.

Now I found out from several people in Ohio that he lives at home with his parents and his parents never knew they had Indian in them. He also lost his license to drive because of drunk driving. He also is NOT allowed to have a gun since he likes to stalk people with them. He also is a woman beater and stalker and the Police in Smithville call him the “White Tonto”. Absolutely amazing!

Tsisqua aka Tanena Davis "FAKE!"

This quack Tsisqua runs NAU also known as Native American Unity Movement. She is a regular in NAFPS also known as New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans. Watch out for all the people in this blog. They all need to be taken off the internet for their Hate and Slanderous behavior. They serve no purpose to better our lives in the Indian Communities. They really do not care about us at all and that is why they attack only us.

Now here are 2 pictures of Tsisqua and either of them could be correct. Either way niether of them shows she is half American Indian. Either she is Black or she is White

Tsisqua aka Tanena Davis "FAKE!" She claims to be AIM, Keetoowah Enrolled, and a host more. Her lies are endless.

Tsisqua goes by many names and many sexes. Also you will see how washed out she is. She is different then most of us and she acts like she is 100%. Mind you this is the site for the FAKE Cherokee Eastern Band owned by Ocile. I also know she claims to be enrolled with the Rainbow Warriors. Contact Okalahoma Enrollment at Enrollment 918-453-9375 and she will tell you this person does NOT exist. Also, all the activities they do is ILLEGAL because they are NOT to speak on behalh of the Keetoowah or claim they are not.You also can call Nancy Maney ate 828-497-8110 and she too will tell you this person does not exist. There is no Tsisqua, Tsissy, CD Allen, Tanena Davis, Tan Davis, and GaliquogiYanssi is a totally made up English Phonics.

Her post of herself. Now I am not positive if it is a she or is it a he. But with the research I did it really is a she but she likes to pretend at times that she is a he. I sense an identity crisis in her.

My HomePage:

Number: GaliquogiYanssiYIM Number: Seven_Buffalo_7Location: Turtle
IslandOccupation: CSRInterests: Cooking,Beading,Powwows,Leonard Peltier,Bear
Butte,Music,Making Change,American Indian Movement
Signature:A Nation is not
conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground, then it is done. No
matter how brave its warriors or how strong its weapons.
Info:I am of Eastern Cherokee, and Lakota, also Scottish, Chinese, and black, I
am also involved in many Issues involving Ndn Country. I am also a supporter of
LPDC in hopes that one day Leonard Peltier will be Released. I am very greatful
for the friendshipsActual User Status: Offline[ Read My Journal ]

Here is her introduction she posted in some other Group area about herself and her claims to caring about Indian Causes.

"Osiyo, I have belong to this group and I have noticed not much involvment here.
My name is Tanena Davis and I am Cherokee and Lakota. I would like to ask Am I
the only one here not speaking?. I dont know if people join groups because
someone invited them there or with a name such as First Nations for indigenous
Rights...I am thinking was a good name means we are going to talk about some
issues some serious issues. But I am not sure I see 57 members but only one
posting....I know there are alot of people on care2 who join groups just to be
joining them. But I am not one of them. When I join something it is because I am
involved in what I believe is the rights of all NA and Indigenous rights..if I
am wrong I am sorry but I am lost here and would like to know...what topics or
issues we will be speaking about dohiya
If I do not get a reply to
this.....I can only believe or think that maybe this room is not for me....I
have seen many groups using the likeness of NAtive Designs and most dont have
anything to do with anything native american. Some like to pretend they are NA
as to learn as much as they can because they are involved in some newage stuff.
All I am asking is when will we be talking about some issues."

# posted by Tanena L Davis : 8:56 AM"

Now one of the people related to her is a Lisa and I searched this person to only find a picture of a white woman that appears to be her sister.

Now here she is doing what she does best...bitching. I am surprised she did not accuse K-Mart for being against Indians.

"Tanena Davis Says:January 3rd, 2008 at 6:50 pm
Hello I
just to add….I purchased a 37in LCD HDTV on December 5th and I am still looking
at the brand new Television stand I purchased (At another store) sitting
empty…WHY? you may ask because I am still having to wait for my
Television!!!!!!…my mistake was buying this online at KMART.COM. I have gotten
the run around so much I told them look just give me back my money and I will go
find another TV…In fact there are some major sales going on…(at other
stores)…and they are still giving me the run around about my own
money!…..WTH!….sorry I have never been so pissed off in my life this was a
christmas gift but christmas is long gone…so is new years!…Please people dont
use for purchases…I never had any problems with any other store except
kmart…thanks for letting me vent!"

So as you can see, this person is as fake as the 3 dollar bill and the paper it was written on. Who the HELL does this person think they are running around the internet and playing Indian and claiming to care about us? Did you know that the Keetoowah only needs one sixtenth quantum? Do you realize a nose bleed would loose all of it? Also I was told that there is a lot of fake ones and if you have a credit card you can buy an enrollment. It does not make them legit.
This woman since 2003 has done nothing but bitch and moan about anything and everything. I did see she cares about animals and that probably is because she runs any humans away with her hate. I wonder if others know this about her. I doubt it and the ones who hang with her are more then likely just as fake as she/he is.

Monday, March 24, 2008

New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans aka NAFPS

Controversial fraud Hunter DR Alton Caroll, aka educated Indian is claiming to be of Apache Mexican and Irish descent. But is not enrolled recognized or affiliated with any apache tribe.
For further information call 505 464 4423
BIA Office
Mercalero New Mexico.

His many names are, Dr Al Carroll, educatedindian, and Allen Carroll

Witness this baffoons site for yourself and see how quick they are to attack you. Just disagree with anything they say and you will get blogs, posts, and what not done to you.

This site is the most hateful site I have encountered. They claim to want to end the fake New Age Frauds and Plastic Shaman's when in fact they do nothing but target all REAL Native Americans like myself. They claim to work with various AIM's groups when in fact, they do not. They claim to be Native American and again, they are not. The owner of that site is Al Carroll a full blood Mexican claiming to be Mescalero Apache mixed-blood. Now all the others are from Europe or all White or Black American's. Also they support this Sweden Film maker who has done nothing but exploit the Lakota's.

This is what this man and his group really do to people and Native American's. I have seen these people make up these kind of allegations also, and they do because they are such lethal character assassination darts, which is why they use them. And I have seen some of these allegations be proven wrong as blatant lies and still the lies get spread. They have tried it on me even! These people are lying on that web site about some good people. I am not saying that everyone on that site that is listed as fraudulent is not "fraudulent", I am saying that not every one on that site that is listed as fraudulent is fraudulent and I know this for a fact, my self included. I do not approve of "cult followings".

As for law suits, people have a right to defend themselves from attack, character assassination and blatant lies. These kind of lies that these people are spreading break up families, which makes NAFPS hypocrites and two faced. It is never o.k. to sell ceremony or make a living in this manner.

Now lets talk about what these "fraud hunters" ARE doing. Defamation of character, slander, libel, character assassination, gossip mongering, lying, (by the way didn't these same kind of people do these same kinds of things to Jesus?) hiding behind a web site to afraid to say their true names while trying to destroy true servants of the Great Creator and doing the work of the "dark ones", and taking sadistic pleasure in it in the process. And by the way, Why did they attack you John?

True spiritual people encourage people to ask questions, not invade their privacy by throwing their home address on the internet. These people are "people" not "human beings" they have a lot of learning to do and growing up to do, they are acting like they are on the elementary school playground.

They take the word of a man they never met in person as truth to their hate. Maybe it is because he feeds them the only thing they want...lies. What is sad is good people are hurt. I will post the others for you all to see as well.